About Us

Harbory was founded in 2015 by mother and son team Michele Koo, MD FACS and Cameron Lehman. Michele is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with a highly successful practice in St. Louis, Missouri; she specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery. She studied Biological Sciences at Stanford University as an undergraduate and earned her medical degree at Washington University in St. Louis. Cameron studied Engineering at Stanford as an undergraduate and is currently an MBA candidate at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business (class of 2017). Their goal is to supply the highest quality medical cannabis available and to improve the quality of therapeutic and palliative care for patients in southern Illinois.

After experiencing the devastating effects of cancer in their immediate family, Cameron and Dr. Koo witnessed firsthand the effectiveness of appropriately employed medical cannabis, and became very interested in its applications. Their personal and professional mission is to create a successful dispensary that appropriately delivers this adjunct medical treatment to patients and families in need.

At Harbory, we ensure that every individual who comes through our doors feel truly cared for, valued and respected. Our patients, whom we call members, and our employees, or Wellness Specialists, are the most important part of our mission – at Harbory, we are all about care, and all about you.

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