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I cannot express enought the gratitude and appreciation I have for y’all. Last night was the best night’s sleep I’ve had in 6+ years. 6 hours total! May not seem like much but to me it’s everything. This morning I’m motivated and have an appetite. From the bottom of my heart thank y’all so much.

Thank you for all your help you give my husband, I really missed him the last 2 yrs. With you guys helping him find the right Strains for him, he lives pain free and happy….. God how I truly missed the man I had married. 😀 😀

I was there Saturday and came out smiling. You all are so friendly. As a matter of fact a new dispensary opened close to us on Monday. But My husband said why don’t you stay with Harbory since you like them so much. Lol. So you’re stuck with me for awhile. I bought several varieties but these are the ones I’ve tried so far. Cheese and Chong. Good daytime. Does the job yet still motivated. Maui Wowie. All good Black Widow. Whoever created this strain knows about chronic pain and the insomnia that comes with it. This is dyno-mite. All good Thanks.

The program has helped get me off Hydrocodone, and I am happy for not having to deal with the withdrawal symptoms of not taking it easy.

I quit oxycodone and anti-depressants. My pain is minimal since medical marijuana. Now our IL legislatures need to expand the length of this program. And work on legalizing it.

I am no longer taking pain killers, muscle relaxers, anti-depressants, or anti-inflammatory’s. I have gotten more relief from cannabis than any medications I’ve tried in the past, without all the negative side effects I had from the pills.

We always enjoy “waiting”, we all become grand friends. In the “olden days”, going to the Dr. & sitting in room full of people who do not speak or smile. Always just a horrible visit from the beginning, even avoided eye contact with others? Ha! Those old Dr visits are as outdated as my wardrobe is. At Harbory, we ALL laugh, have the best conversations and have the extreme privilege of meeting a new friend. The visits are happy and we seem to all have a bond. Everyone talks and laughs with everyone. I truly enjoy Harbory’s attitude and extreme kindness. I always love to go! The minute you open the door, you feel welcome. Thank you for changing our lives and keeping it real. The staff are outstanding. Seems like its always a “homecoming”. Haha! Your Motto. Our House…Your House is very fitting. It is true. Enjoy a Blessed Christmas Everyone!

I thought they were great! Treated everyone with kindness and respect. Gave out chairs and coffee or hot chocolate. I didn’t get in the first night because they had to turn us away at a certain time, but we were very first the next day. No matter when we were able to go back that person was able to go in front of anyone that was there. That I thought was great! Many drove hours to get there and stood in line for hours. I definitely recommend this place.

They were more than friendly, they brought us chairs, water, and checked on us regularly. Their product is of the highest quality I found it a bit pricey but it was worth the money, I can’t wait till the hash and oils and edibles come in at the end of a Dec. or first of Jan. Dr. Choo is an awesome person and very knowledgeable and is very friendly.

Once again y’all went above n beyond to take care of and accommodate those of us that were there tonight. A big thank you to all of you as definitely made my night and week better. Have a happy thanksgiving to each of you at Harbory Medical.

The setting of the place was relaxing and comfortable and they were awesome at answering all of my questions and were very respectable. I was able to get my medication that gave me the relief I have been praying for for years for my severe Fibro and my other ongoing health issues that I have found relief for on my first visit there lest week and I must say thanks to Harbory i can proudly say i have been pain free since my visit and can feel 100% out of pain and feeling feel like myself again for my family and no longer have to suffer The medical cannabis program has been a god sent miracle. I can’t wait to visit them again soon 🙂

Just wanted to say THANK YOU. I have been to your facility twice. Each time, I was treated with respect, compassion and a smile. As a retired forensic social worker, I am very aware of the difficulties that ensues working with the chronically ill population. With that being said, I’ve noticed that your staff has made every effort to resolve and accommodate any arising situation. I could go on and on, but I won’t. Again, thank you for the wonderful staff.

Staff is very friendly & helpful. The stains are getting better the longer they grow. I can’t wait til the beginning of the year when they will have Oils, Edibles & stronger stains. My only complaint is that my husband & I are both disabled. It would be very helpful if we could go in together and see just one person. Thank you to Freddy & Sara they’re the best. See y’all Monday!!

Harbory had a very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I bought Grace’s Cookies and it’s an excellent product. I experienced no wait although there was a coffee machine if I would have needed it. Harbory definitely deserves 5 stars.

I’d say the prices are MORE than fair! Mmmm… Grace’s Cookies- they’re GREAT! Now, I am able to legally get this medicine for cheaper than what i was paying before & the quality is MUCH better!

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