Harbory Exclusive Membership Program

We at Team Harbory want you to know we understand your need for compassionate cannabis care and you are not just a patient but a “member” of our Harbory family.
We know every member’s story and medical journey is unique. Our mission is to provide superior care and the best quality cannabis available to help you feel better!

Members may qualify for one of the following discounts through our Harbory Exclusive Membership Program (HEMP) Loyalty Program:

10% Off For All Military Veterans (verification required)
10% Off SSI and SSDI Recipients ( verification required)
10% Off For Senior Citizens
10% Off For Minor Patients

Every patient will be eligible for HEMP Rewards:

For every $1 a Member spends, they will receive 1 HEMP Reward point. Members will receive $10 off for every 250 points they accumulate.
Receive a free gram of flower on your birthday.

Sign up today and start earning your rewards!

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